Meet the Team:

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"Our passion is working with all buyers & sellers of Fine Homes in Wichita and surrounding areas...from first timers to seasoned pros. We believe every home is a fine home, as a house is often a person's largest assest; no deal is too big or small."

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Kelly prides herself on her exceptional knowledge of the local real estate market, using her expertise and understanding of the housing market to provide her clients with skillful representation.            


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She is prepared, reliable, and accountable. She is committed to bringing value to her clients and making the transaction as smooth as possible.  With a passion for people she is here for you.         

Courtney Krsnich.jpegCourtney

Skillful, savvy and bright, Courtney is a breath of fresh air in the Wichita real estate market.  Courtney has a long time interest in housing with an eye for design and a passion for renovations.            


As her primary focus Jill will  focus on the team and will be able to provide support for her teammates & assist them in the process of providing every client with an exemplary experience and be the eye of detail.


Buyers and sellers will love working with Kathryn because of her outgoing, friendly personality. She is a great listener, helping her clients through any situation that comes up in a real estate transaction.