Relocation Information for 

Transferring Utility Services

Save time and do it online with the information below.

A few weeks before moving, you'll need to make arrangements to have utilities and services turned on or off.  You can save hours by doing this online.

Gas & Electric


Waste Management and Recycling

  • For a full list of service providers and more information Click Here.  We would also recommend checking with your HOA if you have one to see if there is any one provider that offers a discount for your neighborhood.

Internet and Phone Service

Local Newspaper

Change of Address Notification

  • Post Office
    Change Your Information Online
  • Social Secutiy Office
  • Arrange for Moving Service
  • Notify: Banks, Insurance, Life Insurance Company, Investment companies/financial planners, Credit Cards, Subscriptions, School, Church, Employer, and all other creditors
  • Obtain current school records for your children regarding their grades, status, etc...
  • Transfer medical & eyeglass records, prescriptions, etc...
Division of Motor Vehicles